Suzuki Philosophy

Philosophy of Dr. Suzuki  

So many think they understand the philosophy and they do not.  I was one of those people until I became involved in the world of Dr. Suzuki.


Dr. Suzuki developed the talent education concept also known as the mother tongue method.  He studied the development of language skills of children in Japan.  In his study he realized that children developed different dialects. Some of the dialects are considered difficult.  This happened not because it was inborn in the child but that children were trained with the correct method from the beginning. 

Dr. Suzuki presented this:  begin early, create the best possible environment, involve the parent, and develop the ear through listening. Remember that every child can be educated if he or she is in the right environment at an early age.  This is the core of his philosophy, which is an excellent way for a child to learn.

Amazing Benefits

Suzuki parents will become members of Houston Area Suzuki Strings Association (HASSA) as well as the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

Suzuki children will participate in all recitals, concerts and workshops available through our school and HASSA.

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Southeast Suzuki School of Music

Shin'ichi Suzuki believed that this positive music environment would also help to foster character in students. 

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